Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of IITGn

IITGn has been focused in developing a 360 degree ecosystem containing various facets which could nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

IIT Gandhinagar’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs aim to create high growth technology companies that generate commercial and social impact. Towards this objective, the Institute has integrated existing programs and developed new programs that cater to different goals of raising awareness, building capacity and establishing infrastructure for commercialization and sustained industry interaction for faculty and students of IIT as well as interested persons from outside the IIT community. The focus of different initiatives is to minimize risks at different levels of start-up value chain.

  • Raising Awareness

    To foster the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among stakeholders, many seminars and awareness workshops are organized. Many experienced as well as young entrepreneurs and people from various industries, social sector, and universities often visit IIT Gandhinagar and interact with the students. Students here has got opportunities to visit countries such as Israel, USA to understand their entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  • Capacity Building

    IIT Gn believes entrepreneurship is mainly about cultivating capable future leaders. In order to build and nurture competence of wanna-be entrepreneurs and potential companies. IIT Gn has introduced several innovative concepts in the curriculum which includes courses on entrepreneurship, foundation programs, short courses, workshops etc. A very good balance of case-study and practical project based learning is maintained in all them. They see participation from Students as well as  faculty members

  • Infrastructure

    IITGN lacks no infrastructure to backen the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs. Design & Innovation Center (DIC) and Hacker Space together make the innovation corridor today. This is not only equipped with physical infrastructure but also design mentors to help in the design process.  IIT Gandhinagar incubation center is currently incubating companies started by its alumni and is open to incubating companies from outside. Its incubation facilities in the upcoming new campus include wet and dry labs and rapid prototyping infrastructure (hardware and software) to support high technology startups.

  • Deffered Placement Policy

    In October 2014, Institute introduced deferred placement policy to encourage our students to seek alternate career paths such as entrepreneurial ventures. The Institute has setup a structured mentorship program to prepare these students such that they have a comprehensive business plan and are ready for formal incubation by the time they graduate. 10 students among the graduating batch of a little over 100 students opted for this option to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.


Incubation @ IITGn

Incubation center at IIT Gandhinagar is industriously determined to assist the innovative ideas from students, faculties from IITGn community as well as motivated professional from outside  to become reality which can make commercial success and social impact. IIT Gandhinagar incubation center is currently incubating companies started by its alumni and is open to incubating companies from outside. Its incubation facilities in the upcoming new campus include wet and dry labs and rapid prototyping infrastructure (hardware and software) to support high technology start-ups. Apart from space and development infrastructure, the incubation center also provides mentoring, connectivity to professionals investors, and business networks, and limited financing Incubation center connect them to right mentors to develop and scale up their technology or products and identify their market, for legal and intellectual property related guidance apart from helping incubatees financially.

If you feel you have a great technology to make a viable business, just walk in. We will provide the right ecosystem and support to bring the technology to market.

Please fill the contact form and we will get in touch with you to discuss further.

Our current  Incubatees

 >> GridAnt Technologies Private Limited

GridAnts is a startup focusing on distributed and collaborative computing 


We are very much grateful to IIT Gandhinagar's incubation center for kind of support and motivation we have got from it.

Sarthak Jain, Co-Founder and CEO


 >> TinkerTank Enterprise

TinkerTank is a for-profit social enterprise whose vision is to eliminate the manual drudgery that poor people have to undergo to make a pittance living especially the women workers involved in cottage-based industries.


We owe a lot to IIT Gandhinagar's incubation center for the loads of help they have offered.

Keshav G. , Founder of TimkerTank

Contribute to Problem Bank

Look around, Technology may be piece of the puzzle!

All that an Entrepreneur does is provide a solution to a problem. And that's exactly why one of the most important feature in IITGn culture is that both students and professors take a number of projects which seek to solve real life problems which ultimately can opens up opportunities for entrepreneurship. Thus we are attempting to create a problem bank which consists of problems from different sectors of industry, communities, governance etc.

Do you find any situation from your life or your field of work that you think technology can solve? If so, please make our students and professors aware of it, you might see such a product soon!

[For example: if you are a doctor and you find a situation where technological product can help to certain kind patients or their treatment, tell us! ]

Contribute to problem bank!


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